Femorning Daily 15.10.2018

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1.According to Caixin.com, China’s central bank governor YI Gang said at the G30International Banking Symposium held on October 14 that China’s monetary policyremains stable and neutral. If necessary, China still has sufficient room foradjustment in interest rate policy and reserve ratio. In addition, trade frictioncreates uncertainty and increases economic downside risks. The IMF also hassuch predictions and the results of the Chinese central bank's model are closeto those of the IMF.


2.The Hong Kong Financial Secretary, CHEN Maobo, wrote that it is inevitable thatinterest rates will continue to rise next year. Although the Fed has raisedinterest rates eight times, the real interest rate in the United States hasjust returned to positive numbers for the first time in the past decade. Inaddition, the economy is improving, and the US interest rate hike is expectedto continue. The Fed’s monthly balance sheet shrinking every month that beganin October last year will continue. This has an impact on the US dollarexchange rate and global interest rates. It is a challenge for some emergingmarkets that issue more US dollar debt. In terms of the era of ultra-lowinterest rates in Hong Kong, not only will it end, but it may also step into agradual rate hike. The risks in the asset market cannot be ignored.


3.ZHANG Mao, Director of the State Administration of Markets Supervision, statedin the keynote speech of the theme activity of the 2018 World Standards Daythat it should continue to promote the coordinated development of qualityinfrastructure such as standards and certification, measurement, inspection andtesting, and effectively solve the problem of inconsistent online andoffline standards, and domestic products and export product standards. On October 14 this year,the 49th World Standards Day, the State Administration of Markets said inStatistics that, as of now, China has more than 37,000 national standardscovering all fields of the first, second and third industries and socialbusiness. The level of consistency with international standards has reachedmore than 80%.


4.Xinhua News Agency, some consumers said that credit rental business recommendedby 5i5j is actually loans in the name of renting. The reporter's investigationfound that there are many tricks behind the current hot short-term rentalmodel. The use of credit rental is a bait, so that tenantsaccidentally have the online loans they don’t want and there are many risks. The intervention ofcapital has contributed to the surge in rents.


5.People’s Daily News, the proportion of optical fiber connections inChina’s administrative villages has increased from less than 70% before theuniversal service pilot to 96% now, and the coverage of 4G network inadministrative villages has reached 95%, greatly improving the broadbandnetwork infrastructure capabilities in remote areas and rural areas of China.And it also provides a solid network guarantee for rural revitalization andbattles to get rid of poverty.


6.According to National Business Daily, on October 14, theopening press conference of the 124th China Import and Export Fair (CantonFair) was held in the Guangzhou Canton Fair Convention Center. The number of visitors tothe fair remained stable, and the source of buyers remained diversified. Thecountries along the “Belt and Road” participated actively. Among the importexhibition areas, 381 companies from the “Belt and Road” countries and regionsparticipated in the exhibition, with the 615 exhibitions spots in total,accounting for 60% and 62% respectively.


7.According to Xinhua News Agency, at present, China has initially built morethan 200 digital workshops/smart factories, becoming the world's largest intelligentmanufacturing market. It is estimated that the domestic smartmanufacturing market will exceed 220 billion yuan by 2020.


8.According to Science Network News, on October 12, the National Manned SpaceStandardization Technical Committee Inaugural Meeting and Manned SpaceEngineering Standardization Work Conference was held in Beijing. China's mannedspaceflight project strives to form a life-cycle management mechanism forstandard applications by 2020 to achieve a full set of standard support for thedevelopment and production of manned spacecraft and cargo spacecraft and toachieve breakthroughs in the preparation of international standards for mannedspaceflight. At the time of the completion of the space station, a set of“China Manned Space Station Standards” with independent intellectual propertyrights for space station applications and services will be built simultaneously.


9.The People’s Daily learned from the Civil Aviation Administration of China thatsince the “Belt and Road” initiative were proposed five years ago, China’scivil aviation has completed 102 million passengers on the “Belt and Road”related routes.


10.According to Xinhua News Agency, Heilongjiang Province has accelerated theelimination of outdated coal production capacity and shut down small coal minesthis year. As of September 30, 120 small coal mines have been closed. HeilongjiangProvince plans to close and exit small coal mines with a capacity less than150,000 tons by the end of this year, with a total withdrawal of 12.46 milliontons. Bythe end of 2020, the annual production capacity of coal mines will be more than300,000 tons.